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Temporary Site Protection Materials in Southampton and throughout the UK

At Southgate, based in Southampton, we are a national next-day supplier of a comprehensive range of temporary site protection materials under the ‘Proteksha’ banner. Our products could help you to avoid making costly damage to your home by protecting your stairs, banisters and more. Please call or send an email for our catalogue.
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Correx style boards

Our Site Protection Materials Include:

• Correx style boards and rolls
• Buffer board cardboard rolls
• Door sleeves
• Door jamb protectors
• Tac mats
• Stair protectors
• Bannister protectors
• Sanitaryware protectors
• And more…
If you are in the process of renovating your home, or your company is working on a building site, why take the risk of damaging the doors stairs or furniture? Enquire today for more information on how our temporary site protection materials could benefit you. Please get in touch with us at Southgate, Southampton by completing the enquiry form below or calling:

Call 0845 602 7649 or 01489 788 443

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