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Emergency glazing film

At Southgate, based in Southampton, we can offer you Kwik Fix emergency glazing film for broken glass. Kwik Fix allows you to quickly and safely cover up broken glass as a temporary fix until you are able to have the broken window replaced.

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Broken Glass

Why Do I Need it?

Every building's supervisor needs a 'Kwik Fix' in the event of a broken window. Our temporary glazing film is a self wound, low density polyethylene film with a pressure sensitive adhesive which has been designed to be applied to broken glass prior to replacement. Its application is intended to provide a safety barrier and to help prevent broken glass falling out, in addition to providing a degree of waterproofing prior to replacement.

This 150micron thick film comes in a handy 1metre x 20 metre roll and can be ordered directly form our online store. It is a must for every school caretaker to have a roll of KWIK FIX to hand for when those inevitable situations crop up when a pane of glass gets broken. The time between the incident and when the glazier can get to site to repair the glass is critical to prevent injury from the jagged edges of the broken glass and this product is widely used in schools and colleges and many other commercial buildings throughout the world to prevent these incidents from turning into something much more egregious. Imagine if somebody cut themselves on broken glass that hadn’t been sealed off and then sued your organisation for damages. This could have been prevented with this simple product. Order your roll today to ensure you are ready for life’s challenges!

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