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Multi-surface protection films

At Southgate we can offer you tough plastic low-tac multi-surface protection films that come in various thicknesses and colours and with a varying degree of adhesion to suit any specific application. We have a standard range of products ex-stock and can order to suit your needs.

Multi-Surface Protection Films: Welcome

These unique films are designed to protect any smooth surface from glass to bath panels. They come in various colours and thicknesses with a wide range of adhesive strengths specifically designed to suit your particular product which you need to protect.

Glass protection on building sites is of the utmost importance as this can save dramatically on clean up costs prior to hand over. The film can either be applied in the factory before the glass is shipped to site or it can be applied on site as soon as the windows are installed. It is easy to apply and requires no special tools or skills.

Laminate flooring is another product which can be preserved in its pristine state with this clever solution. It is important to have this film to hand to install immediately after the flooring is laid before it becomes dusty. Call us today or order directly from our online store to ensure you have the products available at the right time to protect your site.

Remember…… ‘Prevention is better than cure’ It can be very costly and time consuming to have to reinstate products on site that have been damaged through carelessness or simply by accident.

Other products that can be protected include UPVC extrusions and Stainless Steel and Aluminium frames and we provide our films in smaller tape widths for these applications. Please ask for further details.

Multi-Surface Protection Films: Text
Multi-Surface Protection Films: Store Policies

What can our multi-surface protection films protect?

• Glass

• Worktops

• Sanitary ware

• Polished aluminium

• Stainless steel

• Plastic

• Car panels

• Boat panels

• Wooden floors

• Laminate floors

• uPVC window frames

• Anodised finishes

• And more...

If you are unsure if you can use multi-surface protection films, please contact us and we can advise.

A brand new window with plastic film

Carpet protection film

Give your carpet an extra degree of protection whilst you are decorating or renovating your home/business premises with our carpet protection film. Tried and proved in many situations, these tough low-tac temporary films can be used
to reduce clean up costs on building sites or simply used in the home to protect your carpet from the day to day soiling that occurs inevitably.

Only the best protection films

Southgate have been importing these carpet protection films for ten years and you have the assurance that we only supply the very best products, being one of the first UK companies to introduce it to the local market. It is now used widely in many homes and on most building sites to provide a simple barrier solution to the many dust and dirt exigencies that arise during refurbishment work. Once your project is complete it can be simply removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way leaving your carpet as good as when the film was applied. As we are importing these products direct from the manufacturer, we can supply them direct to you at the most competitive rates. We offer discounts for quantity purchases.

Plastic Texture
Extra carpet protection

Our Carpet Saver 600 film is a tough plastic film which can be easily laid over existing carpets providing a very safe non-slip surface.

It comes in various sizes ranging from 200mm wide for the edges to 1200mm wide for those large expanses of office carpet. The film is generally 60 micron thick and clear in appearance, but can also be thicker if required. The rolls are typically 50 or 100 metres long and can be bought directly from our online shop or you can call us if you wish to discuss quantity discounts.


These films also provide a degree of waterproofing and when installed correctly are almost 100% dustproof.

Multi-Surface Protection Films: Contact
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