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Image shows the roof of a conservatory.

Conservatory window film

Conservatory too hot? We can help.

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Keeping things cool

Your conservatory is to be enjoyed! However, they are usually on the sunny side of a property and inevitably become suntraps. Some can overheat in the summer months and become unusable. Solar film is the answer to this problem. All conservatories are different and we would recommend that you ask us to come out and carry out a free survey and quotation for your peace of mind, but alternatively you can send us some pictures of your conservatory and some rough sizes and we will be pleased to provide you with an estimate.

The film used will depend on the construction of your conservatory roof. For example if it is polycarbonate, we would recommend using a different product to that used if your roof is glass. We will quite often recommend an external application as this stops the heat at source before it has entered the glazing system.

You can do away with dust collecting conservatory roof blinds once you have this aesthetically pleasing film applied to your roof. You can also expect a significant reduction in the heat gain with immediate effect.

Another benefit is that applying a film to your conservatory will offer a small increase in the U value of your glazing system giving you insulation benefits during the colder months.

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Conservatory window film

Applying a solar film to your conservatory roof and/or windows can have a significant impact on reducing heat gain from the sun. Typically, as the diagram illustrates, you can expect a 79 % reduction in the heat gain depending on which film is used. This means that if the temperature inside your conservatory increases from 70 to 90 degrees on a hot day, you could expect to see that 20 degrees reduced by around three quarters, or around 15 degrees.


Applying a solar film to your conservatory glazing will also reduce the risk of fading of fabrics thus preserving your carpets and furniture.


If you already have an air conditioning unit within your conservatory, the film will help alleviate the strain on this and allow it to operate more efficiently.

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