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Safety film

Here at Southgate we can offer you a professional safety film installation service that could have multiple benefits for you and your home or building. For more information on what we can offer you, view the information below.

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Benefits of safety film

• Prevents shattering of glass
• Prevents serious injury / death from broken glass
• Prevents unwanted intrusion / break-ins
• Tested to EN12600

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Fixing Broken Glass

Make safety your number one priority

When installed by our professionals, safety film is invisible. This invisible protection is a very effective way of ensuring the safety of your staff and loved ones. Anti-shatter films can be used in many environments to reduce the danger of flying glass in the event of a blast or even to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your home. They can even be combined with a solar reflective film to provide a dual safety/solar film.


These anti-shatter films are available clear, tinted and reflective and come in a full range of thicknesses from 45 to 300 microns.


Our safety films are covered by all the necessary British standards (BS6206) and European standards (EN12600). They have been impact tested and tried and proved.

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Scratch-resistant safety films

All our safety films are available with a scratch resistant coating and are covered by the manufacturer guarantee for up to 12 years. Once professionally installed a clear safety film will be virtually invisible.


Glazing in high risk areas, such as low glazing under 800mm from finished floor level and in doors and screens, can be made safe simply and easily using these unobtrusive products. You need to check if your glazing comes up to Regulation 14 standard because you could be liable for huge litigation if someone was to fall through a pane of glass at your workplace that was proved to be non-safety glass.


The risk of injury due to attacks can be greatly reduced using our bomb blast films.

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