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Solar film
Whether it's glare or excessive heat gain, Southgate have the solution.

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Benefits of solar film

Southgate can offer you a solar film installation service which is highly useful for any building that receives direct sunlight. Solar film can reduce glare, reduce heat loss and provide privacy and modesty to your building. See below to find out more about how solar film could benefit you. We offer a national service.


• Reduces heat gain by up to 80%

   • Reduces glare by up to 80%

   • Improves uniformity of aesthetics

   • Reduces energy bills

   • Reduces fading by virtually eliminating ultraviolet rays

   • Provides privacy and modesty

   • Enhances workforce productivity

   • Improves efficiency of air conditioning

   • Pleasing to the eye

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Is solar film suitable for my building?

Solar film is commonly used in conservatories, commercial buildings, schools and hospitals, although it can be installed on all windows. Any building with glass windows can suffer from excessive heat build up from the sun and this can cause major problems to the occupants causing discomfort.


This issue can be remedied with our solar film installation service, which could help reject up to 80% of this heat gain, without reducing vision through the glazing system. This could also significantly reduce your energy costs by reducing air-conditioning running time in the summer.

If you aren't sure whether solar film is suitable for you, contact us to see how we can help.

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Excellent thermal benefits

These innovative solar films have excellent U factor qualities giving good thermal benefits all year round.


Glare can be reduced by nearly 90% using our range of tints. This will reduce eye-strain when using PC monitors and TV screens. Productivity may be greatly enhanced.


A solar film will give your building a uniform appearance having the additional benefit of hiding unsightly desks, screens cables and broken blinds.


Fading can also be reduced by installing our specialist UV blocking films. UV is the biggest cause of fading, followed by Infrared which can also be reduced using the correct film. You really need to talk to one of our specialist advisors if you have a fading problem.

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